Change I/O Unit Type

So, I’ve created a strategy for an R2 controller. Later I realize that I mistakenly set the controller Type to SNAP-PAC-R1 instead of SNAP-PAC-R2. I go to edit the I/O unit to change the type but I don’t have the option to do so. There is only the R1 in the Type dropdown. I can’t delete the I/O unit because of all the I/O point references. Is there an easy way to change the type? Does it matter?


Hello Joey@JAKing.

The short answers to your questions: No. Maybe.

Longer answers:

The not-so-easy fix: create a new I/O Unit, then move the points from the old one to the new one. There’s a “Move To…” button in the “Configure I/O Points” dialog which will let you move one point at a time to a different I/O Unit.

Does it matter? Not so much the way you went since the -R1 has MORE features than the -R2 (like high-speed digital counting). That’s why if you’d had the opposite situation it’d be more important. In other words, if you’d configured it as an -R2, even though it was really and -R1, and needed some of those features only available on an -R1, you’d be wondering why those were not showing up as options in PAC Control config.

Downsides to leaving it configured in your strategy as an -R1 even though it’s really an -R2:
The mismatch it could be confusing to someone trying to figure it out later. Also, PAC Control will let you add commands in your strategy for those points that the -R2 doesn’t actually support (rather than filtering them out – not showing features the -R2 doesn’t do).

On the other hand, if you ever decide you NEED some of those features, you can easily swap out your -R2 for that -R1 and not have to move the points over again.

Make sense?


Yes. I had considered the move option. Since it doesn’t matter in my case, I’ll leave it the way it is. Thank you.

FYI - 9.4 now lets you change your I/O Unit type! Whoo hoo!