Change default port address

The default port address for the Rio is 80,443 can this be changed? I could not find a way to do that but I’m still looking.

I don’t think it can be changed. Port 80 is getting automatic forwarded to 443 internally.

Perhaps on the Shell level, but not sure. 80/443 are the listening ports.

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This has been comfirmed by Opto-22 also, thanks for the information.

Do you have have a shell license? How ‘critical’ is that you change it? Why does it need to be changed on the RIO?

The reason for the change is I have several devices already on the network that use port 80 and 443, that I access from the outside.

I can do port redirects in my router, but it would have been easier if I just could have changed the ports on the Rio.

I have everything working as I need it - just would have been easier.

Thanks for the concern.