Can't upload strategy

I am finally getting around to porting my snap-pac system over to an EPIC controller. Just to get my feet wet, I am trying a single simple chart that was imported from Pac Control 9.6. Everything imported (seemingly) fine and I have added the EPIC controller as a control engine. The EPIC is currently running as a groov box and that part works fine. The controller section is turned on.
When I try to upload/Debug the strategy I get an error.
“Empty stack error.” Code: -60
What is going on here?

Just to be clear, you are running in PAC Control 10.2 right?
If you do a Compile all, do you get any errors?
Are there any PID loops in the strategy?

EDIT. Digging into that error number some more… Looking at page 385 of the PAC Control users guide it states to contact support if you get that error.

Yeah, no PIDs, just a simple turn on/off kind of routine. PAC Control 10.2d
No compile errors.
See attached strategy. I’ll send a support request. (6.6 KB)

Just a follow up.
I got it working by loading an empty strategy and then loading my actual strategy.
Support was quick to respond and had a couple other ideas, but I ended up not needing them.