Can't login to account

Today after use finish the ignition designer and ignition edge i close all of them
But after i want reopen them, i cannot open them, the login page show my username and password is incorrect
But i haven change any username and password for this account , can any help

Did you try the default of admin/password?
If you did not change them, that should get you in.
(I have never heard of this issue before - bit odd).

Hi, Beno
yes i already try the default admin and password
but it still can’t log in

Did you happen to save the user/pass in your web browser?
If so, you could look in there and find out what you set it to.

but i never change or save the user/pass in my web browser
as i just using default admin and password for my account
like 2 hours before i use the default admin and password i can log in to use but after i close all the program and restart it my default admin and password cannot use again because it will show “Sign in failed. The username or password you entered is incorrect.”