Can't Find Where Palette Write File is Actually Saved

Hello, I am new to Node Red and cannot find where a simple text file is written to when using the node Write File. I am just using 4 nodes, an inject, write file, read file, and debug with the path to C:\Test1.txt. It executes fine and I see in the debug window that every time it does an additional 7 appears. The problem is when looking in the same directory using explorer it does not exist. I know there is a file saved somewhere for when I change the action from append to file to DELETE FILE and run it a 2nd time I see the following new error message “failed to delete file: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, unlink ‘C:\test1.txt’”

Can someone explain where the file could be located if it is not in my C Drive root directory?


On Windows, its relative to the Node-RED install that you chose.
Usually its C:\Users\beno.node-red
Swap ‘beno’ for your username.

ie, its in the .node-red directory unless you path it out. Which you are welcome to do.

Hello Beno, I do not see it there and as matter of fact I did a complete C:*.* search and could not find it.

I know this should be easy but for some reason I do not have a good handle on this. When I use the windows/DOS method of absolute path as described above = C:\test1.txt, I cannot find it on my machine root directory that also stores all the node red software and is connected directly to a GROOV PR1 running the node red project. If I change the absolute path format to Linux based = /home/dev/unsecured/test1.txt, I do find the file in my GROOV PR1 in the Unsecured Files as expected.
What am I doing incorrectly to not have it saved on my PC C:\ drive?


Just a sec…
Are you running this Node-RED on your EPIC and expecting it to show up the file on your PC?

Your first post seemed clear to me that your Node-RED is running on your PC and you are trying to write the file to your C: drive.

But this last post brings EPIC into the mix???

Your Linux OS on your EPIC has no idea, driver, connection etc to get from it to your Windows computer.
Not only, but there is probably more than one Windows computer on your network, so how would the EPIC know which C drive you are talking about?

If you can break down what you are trying to do a bit more their might be some options, but I’m thinking if you are looking to get a file off your EPIC, using email might be the best shot.

Thanks a bunch, that makes sense. Hit me in the head with a feather to wake my brain up! I will also put in the full network path of my machine. After 15 + years of PAC Project I am just dabbling into Node-Red, MQTT, GROOV, and Ignition to learn a new trick. (Trying to convince myself that indeed this old man can still learn new tricks)

That wont work either.
Linux cant just blindly map over a network to write any sort of files.