Can't Delete A Variable

Sometimes when I no longer need a variable I cannot delete it. It says “You Cannot Delete a Variable with a Count Greater Than Zero”. When I search for the variable it says” 0 Occurrences Found”. I deleted the variable off the watch window and closed the watch window and still can’t delete. What I’ve been doing is renaming them with an X in front of the variable name so they go to the bottom of the list. Then if I have a need for a similar variable I just use a X’d one. Why can’t I delete some of them? See attached jpeg.

Hi andydaoust,

Sometimes the variable reference count gets out of sync and you get that error message.
To get it back in sync, click on the very top branch of your strategy tree, the one that is the name of your strategy.
With it highlighted in blue, hit CTRL+r
You will see PAC Control rebuild your reference count for all variables. Then, you will be able to delete all those variables with 0 use counts.



Thanks Ben,

I knew there had to be an easy way to delete those dangling variables.


Hey Ben, I had three things I couldn’t delete, I tried your fix, and it allowed me to delete the PID loops, but there is an IO output point that I still can’t delete. Any other advice or helps? Thanks.

Did you do a global search for the that point? (After doing the ctrl+r thing).