Cannot install pac-read node

Just put a fresh out-of-the-box EPIC into service and was going to import a flow into Node-RED, but first needed to install from the palette manager the pac-read node. Despite having done this many times in the past on our other EPICs, for some reason I cannot install any other nodes. I have the EPIC hooked up on our LAN and can access it fine. The error log indicates a network error. Any idea what I might need to do? Version of Node-RED on the EPIC is 1.1.3, Node.js version v10.16.3

Yup, this has been talked about a bunch of times on the forums.

The key is the ‘ENOTFOUND’. It’s saying that registry.npm URL can not be found. (getaddrinfo)
In short, its a network config ‘error’ in the EPIC. (As shown in your screenshot ‘This is a problem related to network connectivity’)

You either don’t have a DNS configured or you don’t have a gateway configured.
One or the other or both.

Bottom line, the EPIC can not find the Node-RED registry to install any nodes.

Tip, you can either make some changes and just keep trying the install node process, or you can hit up the network tools in groov Manage and try and ping ‘’. (Or any other Internet host name).

Thank you Ben. Despite what it may look like, I actively READ these forums weekly and SEARCHED for “cannot install node” but could not find it. Probably missed it somewhere. Onto the DNS settings…!

No worries @grant1
Here is how I found it:
I guess the key is just knowing what to search for.

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Hi Grant,
If you go to the System / Network / Diagnostics and try the Ping command, can you successfully ping something like ?
This has to work for Nodered to do updates.

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