Cannot get I/O reference count to zero

I’m transferring a control strategy from SNAP to EPIC. I am going from Control Pro 9.6 to 10.2. I added an EPIC I/O system, made new I/O points, and then replaced them from the SNAP to the EPIC. All is good EXCEPT…two points.

Here’s the problem…I can’t get two I/O points to go to a reference count of zero. If you do a search for them…they don’t exist. They are not found anywhere in the program and cannot be deleted from the I/O configuration of the SNAP. I cannot remove the SNAP I/O system from the program because of these two weird points. I’ve tried to search the forum here, but haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe I need to narrow my forum search?

Any ideas?
Bill in Idaho

Have you tried CTRL-R (Tools | Regenerate Reference Counts)?

Worked!! Thanks Philip! Just brain dead this morning I guess. LOL