Cannot change existing I/O Unit Type - PAC Control Pro 9.0

Hello all,

I’m working on a strategy converted from Factory Floor 4.1 to PAC Control Pro 9.0, and I need to convert my old I/O units from SNAP-BRS brains to SNAP-PAC-SB2 brains.

I’d like to simply change my strategy’s existing I/O units from BRS to SB2, but the 'Type" dropdown menu doesn’t give me any options besides “SNAP-BRS” (which is how the unit is currently set).

I dont want to have to rebuild every single one of my existing I/O units from scratch just to change them from the old SNAP-BRS to SNAP-PAC-SB2’s because I have well over a hundred…

I really hope there’s just something simple that I’m missing - otherwise, why bother giving me a dropdown menu in the first place?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance

Any reason you are using 9.0? The newer versions of PAC Control allow you to move a module from one IO unit to another. The old versions only allow a point at a time. I don’t recall when this changed, I think it was at 9.5.

I don’t think there is a supported way to move all the modules at once. The only other option I can think of is to try exporting the IO unit configuration and editing the csv file (you will need to figure out what needs changed) and re-importing.

Edit: The newer PAC control versions may allow the brain type to change in the drop down as well, I don’t see SNAP-BRS even listed though, even with legacy turned on.

This upgrade project was dumped on my lap. As of last night I have upgraded to PAC Control 9.6, but it still seems like I can’t use the dropdown menu to change brains. It seems like my best option is to create new SNAP-PAC-SB2 units and move over all of the existing I/O. I may take a shot at the csv files - that could be just what I need.