Can2b integration

I am working on a unit with 2 caterpillar engines, I am wondering if anybody had used pgn 127488 for engine rpm and 127488 for the temperatures and pressures as well as code bits?

I am having a thought time getting any data, I am using the Can2b read only kit


Paging @jglueck to the thread.

I have Figured out the CAN BUS integration for Diesel Engines, I am currently using 6 PGN’s with 9 SPN’s to get RPM, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temp, Engine Load and Warning and Shutdown Light indication, Definately a fair bit of recoding with the Example, the Mask by default is a stumbling block out of the gate, I did the Bit Swaps and the calculations according to the SAE guild and it works and the calculations inside the strategy match the Murphy J1939 display. It is definately a niche module but now it is implemented next time will be (or should be Plug and Play) .

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Just out of curiosity, are you just listening in to J1939 broadcast data (as per your first post) or did you also end up transmitting on the J1939 bus as well (either to request non-broadcast data, doing handshaking or broadcasting your own data)? I will likely have to figure this all out myself sometime in the next year so I’m interested to hear if you have been able to do both. It sounds as if @jglueck had some issues being able to transmit and receive.

Hey Brad, I am Just Receiving Right now, I eventually would like to Send Throttle Commands But just for now, i am reading only.