Can you run another program in groov?

Can you run another program in groov? For example, run a pacdisply with a button. Thank you

Short answer. No.

Long answer.

  1. It does not make sense to be able to open PAC Display on a mobile device.
  2. The groov Box does not run PAC Display, so can not open it on a PC running Windows somewhere on a network.

Remember groov is web based. It can open other browser tabs to other URL’s.

Even longer answer.

Depending on what you are trying to do, perhaps running a program in node red and then displaying its results on a HTML5 web page to be called by a web page gadget within groov could also be an option. Also I am thinking running a program on a PC which connects to the GroovDataStore though API access as part of GroovServer could open up a new can of worms/possibilities.

But I agree with Ben, there is really nothing from a simple operator interface that you cannot already do in Groov that could possibly justify using PACDisplay.

I believe some people go the other way, that is, embed a web page (including groov) into their PAC Display window.

I installed groov-ser-win on the PC machine. It’s software version