Can the AS-i network be connected to the R1 controller?

Hello everyone, one of my customers asked me about AS-i. Can his existing AS-i network be connected to the R1 controller? If it is possible, how can I do it? What equipment needs to be added? There is an AS-i master station and more than 20 AS-i actuators and sensors.

We never actually implemented this solution, but we did research a similar application in the past. The path we were going down to interface the AS-i network devices with the Groov Epic controllers was to specify an AS-i gateway that has ethernet/IP capability (essentially an AS-i gateway device that is Ethernet/IP capable and has an EDS file for easy configuration, there were a few parts out there. I believe Pepprl and Fuchs makes one as well). You would then run CodeSys on the RIO and use the EDS file for ethernet/IP to As-i data conversion. You will need the codesys runtime license and the codesys ethernet/IP scanner license.

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Thanks! This is so hard for me. Let him think of other ways. :sweat_smile: