Can IPSEC be supported on Epic vs OpenVPN

I have a new requirement to connect through an IPSEC Tunnel. I believe on Linux systems there is a software called strongswan. I am not familiar at all with this stuff, but this just came up so I am “looking into it”.

Anyone doing anything like this?


The ‘right out of the gate’ challenge you are going to have is that none of the *swan (there are a bunch of strongswan forks) packages are in the repo and since IPSEC is pretty close to kernel level you better like coffee because you are in for a very long night trying to build it from source.

The only other lean and mean VPN that is in the repo is wireguard.
Like all things shell, Opto’s support is limited to these forums, if you have a crack at it, please come back and let us know how it goes.