Can I use Ignition Node-RED module with Ignition Edge Free Trial?

I’m attempting to set up an API Key with the Ignition Node-RED module, but am getting an error that the license is invalid.

I can’t tell if this is saying that

(a) I can’t use this module with Ignition Edge unless I have an Ignition Edge license (and am not just using the free trial)


(b) I can’t use this module with Ignition Edge because the module license itself is invalid.

Has anyone come across this?

I only know that you have to contact Inductive and get that module added to your license in order to use it.
But, since you don’t have one, I am not sure how to test it out in 2 hour trial mode.

Could you ask on the Inductive forums? They might know off the top of their hive mind over there.

If you get it sorted, it would be awesome if you could drop back and let us know the how-to.

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A Lead Software Engineer on their forum says that you can’t use the module with Ignition Edge because Edge doesn’t allow you to use any custom/thirdparty modules :frowning:

I’m curious what you said about having that module added to the license, though. I will look into that.

Hmmm, Ok, my Ignition license foo is a bit rusty, so they might be right.
I will kick over a few rocks here and see what I can find out.

Its one of those ‘not strictly Opto’ type things, but happy to see if we can help.

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Yeah I’m skeptical about what they said, since the error message says “not eligible with Ignition Edge, unless licensed.”

I’m about to purchase the Ignition Edge license anyway so I guess I’ll find out if that’s the only issue.