Can I transfer data from Opto 22 groove view to SQL database

I am using a groov View version R4.3g (r65745), Can I move this data to SQL database for Analytics .

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: How depends on the source of the data… You say groov View, but groov View is not the source, it just displays the data… where is the data coming from?

If PAC Control, then look at using either OptoDataServer, it can take PAC Control tags and send them direct to SQL… That’s its primary function or Node-RED can read PAC Control tags as well.

If some other source, then check out Node-RED if running on EPIC or a Windows PC.

In other words, we can help direct you better when we know where the groov View data is coming from.

I am using modbus scanner IP based 8 channel.,make -Masibus and model-85XX+.

is it possible take data from Groove view and sent to SQL database.

Are you running groov View on EPIC or groov Server for Windows?

Groov server on window.

Here is one way to go about it…

  1. Add the Modbus values you want in SQL to a trend, probably just a short trend, depends on how frequently the values change and how often you want to update SQL.
  2. Install Node-RED on the Windows computer running groov Server for Windows.
  3. Use a HTTP node to make a restful call on the trend and bring down the CSV file of the values.
  4. Use a file node to read the CSV file.
  5. Use a CSV node to parse the values.
  6. Use a SQL node to insert the values.

Most of the steps have examples in the forums which you can find by using the forum search tool.