Can EPIC Groov Connect to an AllenBradley PLC

Hi Guys,

Can EPIC Groov PLC connect to an Allen Bradley without changing Allen Bradley program? Can i use Node Red?


I have not used this node myself, but I have seen it in action and working with a compactlogix

Its going to depend a lot on what model AllenBradley you have and what version firmware you have.
The Node-RED modules are not supported by anyone really so you would be in shark infested waters while testing that out.
Ignition would be the most supported, robust and reliable method.
I have taught class here (before Covid) and we do exactly what you require as part of the section on Ignition. The whole class connects to a AllenBradley PLC without touching its code and we pull some tags we want and read the values.

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Thanks Guys, when are you guys going to open up the classes?



We are actively working on the new class content. A lot of new features have been added to EPIC/RIO since we stopped factory training due to Covid, we are making sure the new class includes all those features that we can.
Keep an eye here and on the blog and we will let you know as soon as we have some dates and details.


Sounds Good, thanks!