Can a page in a Groov project be exported?

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Can a page in a Groov project be exported? Then import this page into another new Groov project.
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Yes. They can.

Please review pages 23 and 24 of the groov Users Guide;

So why doesn’t my new project give me that option? It does in other Groov boxes and projects I’m working on.

Edit: Never mind. Old firmware…

Check the privileges of the login user.
I’m using Groov server for windows

Yes you can, BUT, it will not save any of the tag connections…

Found that out the hard way… :confounded:

Sorry about that. We don’t currently have a good way of reconciling tags across different projects.

If we’d thought about it waaaaay back before version 1.0, we could’ve structured things differently to make it more feasible, but as it is tags are identified by a single integer (that happens to be an auto incrementing field in the database) that doesn’t give us any correlation back to the device it belongs to. (e.g., the gadgets are defined to use tag N, instead of tag N on device M)

Extending the page exports with a way to correlate them with tags is on the todo list. That, or a good find/replace interface to help hook them back up (and as a side effect make duplicating a page and switching out tags easy).

Yes, a correlating file generation and F&R. You need F&R really really bad. Just that would be a major leap forward. Oh and don’t forget auto text search on tag selection, oh and don’t forget to have double click on widget to open the tag selection.
I could go on, but I think that’s enough of a challenge right there…

auto text search on tag selection

I’ve wanted that for years, since roughly the 2.0 timeline. The blocker there is OPC-UA: to my knowledge (I wasn’t involved in the protocol level support for it), there’s no way for us to search tags on an OPC-UA server. Everything has to be browsed for, and it turned to be pretty common for installations to have 10,000+ tags on them. Enumerating them all fast enough to be searchable just wasn’t possible (it took us 10-30 minutes to import them all), we didn’t want to persist all of those tags in your projects (they balloon the size of it un-necessarily, and then we have to deal with figuring out when they change) and we couldn’t keep them in memory (we’re limited to 256MB total heap space on the AT1/AR1).

double click on widget to open the tag selection.

Hadn’t considered that one.

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