Calling on screen keyboard

I am running PAC Display 9.4 on a panel PC (Win 7 embedded) without a local keyboard. When accessing a PAC Display window that is password protected I need the Win 7 On Screen Keyboard to pop up when the prompt for a password entry pops up (and to dissapear when the password has been entered). Anyone know how to do this?

From memory, you need to go into the Accessories settings of the Control Panel, from there, head to ‘Ease of Access’, then you can click the ‘On-Screen Keyboard’.

I seem to recall that its more of a Windows setting than a PAC Display setting.
(At the password prompt, its a system call, not a pac display call).

All that said, make sure that in PAC Display Configurator, under the menu ‘Configure -> Runtime’, you have both options ticked;
‘Use on-screen keyboard for touchscreens’ and
’Include ‘Insert ASCII’ in screen-keyboard’.