Calling a subroutine from a subroutine?


To preface this, I’m a newcomer to the opto-world, but have ample experience coding in other procedural languages.

I’ve spent some time building a few subroutines to take care of some relatively simple tasks that i want to do for a system I’m setting up, and since I’m a big fan of reusability, i want to be able to run some of these subroutines from within other subroutines.
Is this possible? I’ve tried to call a subroutine from within another one, but the compiler fails saying that the command can not be found, even when both subs are included in my strategy.

Pretty simple question i guess, but i couldn’t find anything related by searching, so here goes.


PAC Control 9.5 and up allows nested subroutines (no recursion though). Can you post the code you are having trouble with and see if we can help?

Ah, that must be it then, I just checked, and we have version R9.4e. I’ll just have to try updating.

For further reference, here is the code:

Calling Subroutine:

Called Subroutine:

Compiler output: