Bypass groov epic security

Hey guys, I would like to know how to bypass groov epic security. Because currently I’m trying to gain access of my groov epic data into Unity(game development app) to show the data reading. But I couldn’t fetch the data since it is not certified or the handshake problem occurs, is there any way to bypass the security?

Ah, I think you are in the wrong forum entirely.
I will leave this post up for now… please explain what you are trying to do with an Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC - a hardware device) in the game.

Well, I’m not entirely doing a game. I’m currently building an app where I could showcase my company’s model, and they plan on showing real time data on the application that I’m building and they are using groov epic for the data reading. So I tried using the groov epic ip address to fetch the data and show it in the app but it gave me error about the certificate thingy and the handshake problem. Hope i explained it right haha

Ok, still not clear, but lets proceed… groov uses https, so it has to be an encrypted connection, this means it uses a certificate, out of the box its a selfsigned one. This is why your browser is showing you the warning (warning, not error). Your browser can not look up its certificate trust store and verify the certificate.
For now, accept the warning and log in (or create your first account).
Once you are using the groov Manage pages you can export the certificate and install it on your computer, create a new one, or upload your company IT approved certificate and thus remove the warning.

I am not sure what you mean about the ‘handshake problem’. A screenshot of that would be helpful.

Edit. You mention the error only happens in ‘the app’. What app? I was assuming you meant your web browser, but perhaps not.
We really need a little more to go on here… Are you using Node-RED? What data are you trying to transfer? Are you using groov View?

The app I’m using is Unity3D. And I think I’m using Node-RED, the data I’m trying to transfer is for example, like temperature. Because my company model is somewhat used for plant processes or water control and so on. It shows error because I’m using C# to create a function to fetch data from groov epic or node-red either one. Will confirm it later, cause I’m currently an intern and still new with everything, probably something like this(for the handhsake error).

Also, I am using Visual Studio to interact with Groov Epic, sorry for the wrong information

@jeyjeremy123 if you’re familiar with .NET a great way to go about this could be the OptoMMP SDK:
There’s a tech note that goes over how it works here:
I’ve used it to get groov EPIC data into C++, but C# is supported as well.

The other option would be RESTful HTTP requests, which is what it looks like you’re doing now – can you share what utilities you’re using to make the connection and requests?
Different apps handle security differently in the background and I’m curious what you’re working with right now. Regarding security, if you are using REST APIs with EPIC, you should only authenticate with the API key, not the username and password.