Building Project on Groov Server Win10 before uploading to Epic

Not sure this is the correct forum for my question. We are switching to the Epic EDGE, but am trying to get a jump start on the HMI screens. With Groov Server in trail mode on Win10 pc, I tried to use an existing ‘project.grv’ from pre Epic EDGE system. Grrov Server/Build lets me open the existing project, but it will not let me save any changes or backup up the project. I was getting ‘An error occurred while trying to save pages. You are not authorized to perform the action’. When I went back to the default sample project.grv that came with Groov Server, it allowed me to save changes & the backup the project.
So my question; are you able to use an existing project that was built on an older Groov setup with the newer version of Groov Server and can you perform development work with Groov Server before uploading the project to the Epic EDGE controller.
Thanks Dave

That should work fine: projects should always be transferable between installations, as long as the one you’re copying it over to is the same version or newer. Double-check the permissions on that project.grv and make sure that the ownership is correct, it’s writable, etc?

Also: I’d generally recommend using the back up/restore from within Build mode, just to avoid things like this.

Jonathan, I think I found the problem. 1st, when I went back to the default ‘project.grv’ that came with Groov Server, it worked fine. 2nd, our existing ‘project.grv’ was built on ver 'B3.4a- (r43440), this was a custom build from Opto in the early stages of Groov. This version is not updatable, as far as I understand, it was a stand alone custom built project. I think that is the main issue. I can open that project in Groov Server, but some of the features are missing, Ie ‘Manage Accounts’. I think I may have to perform ‘export/import’ of the pages and fix the ‘broken pieces’. I don’t necessarily want to redo all the pages, etc. But if I need to, I guess I will. Once we get the Epic EDGE up and running, do you think it could be opened with all the correct features or will the version kill us?

I will try a ‘back up/restore’ and I can’t see the permissions with the existing project and the new Groov Server/View.

As long as the version of groov you’re trying to use that project on is R3.4a or newer, it should work. If you want to DM the project to me I can take a look at it.

Absolutely, what method should I ‘DM’ it to you?