Browser Crash After long use with Groov

We have tried multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and typically after 24 hours of displaying groov pages, the browser freezes up and we have to restart the browser every day.

Do you have Classic Trends on those pages? We have a memory leak in there that’ll be addressed in the next release.

We keep a cache of trend points around to redraw the chart if we need to, and expire points out of it when they won’t be visible anymore. We also adjust time stamps on those points to display them in the correct time zone, and those two systems got mixed up and we end up keeping points in the cache for hours after they should have been cleared out.

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Great, Thanks Jonathan. When should we expect the next release?

I don’t have a target release date yet, sorry. :-/

I’m also planning to use a few trends in the new Groov Serv project. Is there a problem? Can’t we use it? Isn’t there a trend? Does that have a problem?