Bottling Program DEMO-Coke will definitely want to hear about this

I was playing around with the Bottling DEMO. Had some trouble getting it to START. It is running NOW but the Powerup window shows it to be STOPPED . At any rate, I have the tank balanced at 4600 lbs??? and the line is running at 4. The pump cycles ON and OFF periodically. IF I turn OFF the Filler Valve (I’m assuming this is what feeds the product to the bottling line) The PUMP stops and the tank level stays static but the bottling line continues to run with product coming off the end of the line. (Coke-a-Cola would SURELY like to hear about THIS!:rolleyes:) The bottle count continues to increase.

With the product feed valve closed and no product flowing (pump off and tank level stabilized) should not the bottling line stop also? Or, is this more complexity than the DEMO program was designed for?

Also is there not supposed to be a units per time counter or an average bottles per minute calculation?

Also I need maintenance on the floor the dog messed under one of the tanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to know that you are getting your hands dirty a little by playing with the demo…

A few comments. The Powerup chart usually only runs to start other charts, so as soon as its done that, it stops.
When you are in debug mode, double click on the top of the chart tree and open the debug dialog box for the charts, you can see all of them at a glance in that dialog and you will see some running, some stopped and some stopping and starting.
The programmer has full control over them and its not uncommon to split your functions into charts and call them as needed.

One of the cool things about the demo is that its not real AND we give you all the graphics and the charts, so you can play (and thus learn) without fear of breaking anything.
The other cool thing is that the demo strategy was programmed by the same guy that did the graphics… ie, hes an artist, not a programmer… Opto flow charting is so visual that you can get things limping along with no formal training… Im kind of glad that things are not perfect, because now you can step in and fix it to run as you expect… Best way to learn is to do.

I’m going to be ‘that guy’ and not answer your questions DubleDeuce… I think you should dig into the code and answer them yourself!

Sounds like the bottling line is a bit of a perpetual motion machine! Endless bottles of product… That could be good or bad…

This product came up for sale on the eBay. The brain is listed on your web site as “SNAP ENET RTC-OBSOLETE SNAP Ethernet I/O Brain” I cannot find any reference to a B3000 based OPTO Ethernet I/O learning center in your current catalogue. Could this item be functional as a learning device-?(assuming it works)

The listing has ended?
It looked like an old brain based learning center… That coupled with either PAC Sim or SoftPac, yes, you could learn a lot from that.
The difference between the brains and the controllers is that the brains can not run any charts.
Since you have already downloaded PAC Project Demo, you already have PAC Sim up and running, so you would simply add that learning center to that strategy as I/O and you would be up and running with real hardware.

Yeah, I went ahead and bought the thing. It seems to be the right thing to do. For a buck fifty I can ALWAYS use it for a coach wheel chock if all else fails.