Boot ID from I/O unit doesn't match the controller's stored value

I originally downloaded my PAC Control strategy to an EPIC when it had an IP address of We installed a bunch of new switches, a new router, etc. and the same EPIC now has an IP address of

I opened my strategy in PAC Control and adjusted the Control Engine IP address as shown:

but upon downloading, I get the following error. What did I do wrong?

@grant1 Nothing.
You did nothing wrong.
I have a very long and technical email thread with many engineers about that exact ‘error’. I just re-read the whole thing and I am still unsure as to why ‘we’ chose to show that message when the stars align.
Its not an error. Its simply an FYI.
Either clear it, or ignore it, but either way, according to the engineers, move on, there is nothing to see here.

UPDATE: Here is the official word on that message number.

The -98 message is an informational message that just lets you know it configured the I/O unit and points. When you download the strategy, it sets the controller’s copy of the boot ID parameter for each I/O Unit to 0. When an I/O Unit boots up, it always increments its boot ID (it will never be 0). When it’s time for the controller to initialize the I/O, it first reads the boot ID from the I/O Unit to see if it is different from the boot ID for that I/O Unit internal to the controller. If they’re different, it posts the -98 info message and it configures the I/O.