Best wiring practices

I’m looking for suggestions. The photo below shows our current state of affairs. I’d like to hear how others run field wires to their Opto board and keep things organized. I’m about to expand this from 32 outputs to 136 outputs.

I would recommend the SNAP-TEX cables, I have used them and they work great.
OPTO 22 also has jumper straps and break out boards (personally I have never used them)
Also, don’t use your control cabinet to store wire service loops if you can help it.
Avoid wire nuts, If you need to then use them then use Wago Lever Nuts instead
If you are going to expand this system from 32 outputs to 136 then your going to need a bigger control cabinet.

Best of luck, in all my years of controls work I have never regretted taking the time to make things clean, neat, and organized, and every time I have failed to do that it has always come back to haunt me.

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My hospital panel photos are on an archived hard drive, but in one word;
Finger Duct.

As wide and deep as you can reasonably fit.
We had it on all four outer edges and slightly smaller under each rack.

Also zip ties.

I’d hate to point out the obvious, but I can’t help myself.

Found my old hard drive!!!
Sorry the photos were taken in a rush at the time and clearly with a potato.

A mix of old and new. Mistic and Snap.

I really did not like maxing boards out, but sometimes you just did not have the space for ‘room to grow’.

One word. Finger Duct.

Small image size, but you get an idea of how the wiring was laid in the finger duct. Just a small curve of a service loop.

Sometimes it can get a bit messy pulling in a new cable run, but it will soon be tucked away in the finger duct (have I mentioned how much I love finger duct?)

Oldie, but a pretty full and roughly neat build out.

Did not like doing it, but sometimes there was not enough room for a second cabinet, so stuff had to be mounted on the door.

Bonus shot of a young thebaldgeek next to the smallest of the 3 backup generators at the site.

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Very beautiful wiring.
I hope you will show your own.