B1 B2 Era OPTOMUX Hardware

Been away from OPTO22 stuff for a few decades and am now retired. I have a OPTOMUX B1 & B2 board along with a 16 slot board for each. Also some assorted modules. (I’ll do more thorough inventory if I have anyone interested) All were for a project I was going to do at home but never got time to do. So basically is NEW but 30 years old.

Thinking maybe someone out there has an old network of these and would like some spare parts. I see the hardware has been updated but maybe someone on a low budget could take these off my hands.

I live in the Milwaukee WI area.


I will be willing to take them off your hands. I’m in Milwaukee area too.

i’ll put together a list of all I have. Not even sure myself what that is. Will do tomorrow.

Inventoried what I have and adding it here:
ANALOG QTY Description
B2 1 Brainboard
|PB16AH 1 16 SLOT Analog IO BRD
AD5 1 Type J T/C
AD7 3 0-10V in
AD9T 1 0-50mV IN
AD13T 1 0-100mV IN
DA3 2 4-20mA OUT
DA5 1 0-10V OUT
B1 1 Brainboard
PB16H 1 16 SLOT digital IO BRD
IAC5 6 AC Input 90-140 VAC/VDC, 5 VDC Logic
IAC5A 1 AC Input 180-280 VAC/VDC, 5 VDC Logic
IDC5D 1 DC Input 2.5-28 VDC, 5 VDC Logic

Would like $500 for all. I base it on the fact that the IO Boards at a minimum are immediately usable and they cost a little over $500.

Do do still have these items available?

B1 and B2 brain boards aren’t exactly available, but the E1/E2 are drop in replacements.

Yes Mfeigal, they are still available.

These are still available. Are you interested?