Aw, Snap! display message Groov View


It has happened a few times, in one of our installations, that out of no where, the display goes white, showing a Aw, Snap!, Something went wrong while displaying this webpage, this happens with a touchscreen monitor connected directly to the HDMI port of the Groov Epic, it then goes away after restarting the monitor, and placing the login information.

That particular device is currently running firmware 2.0.2, its out in the field, so its difficult to update.

The controller does not seem to be affected, and the strategy keeps running, is just the groov view display. we temporarily setup another monitor, running through the web interface, and have not seen the recurrence so far.

Has this happened to anyone? is there any recommendation to minimize the issue?


I have randomly seen it here.
It’s from Chrome Browser. Its unhappy on how it shut down/hung up.
I understand its a remote install, but a low quality HDMI cable or a mechanical issue with the cable could be a cause.
The fact that you changed the monitor and its cleared up is a pretty big clue.

I wouldn’t think Chrome Browser was involved, since this was over the HDMI port

Correct, the issue whas through the HDMI port, I dont know exactly how groov view works, but perhaps there is a Chrome Browser running within the Epic processor to display the data, through the HDMI port.

the additional monitor was not connected through the HDMI port, but through ethernet, basically a laptop running the browser, that display has not failed, we have not found any terribly bad connections, but perhaps will change for better quality HDMI cables, I was just wondering if that had happened to anyone else here.

Over oversimplifying, groov View is (among other things) a web server.
It needs a web browser to display it’s data.
(Related tivia - groov Manage is also web based, so we use the same web browser on the EPIC to show its pages on the front screen of the EPIC).
We run Chrome in full screen mode on the EPIC to show the pages on its front screen and the monitor that’s connected to the HDMI.
Remember, the monitor on the end of the HDMI is just a monitor, its not a computer running say, Firefox.

So, ‘Oh Snap’ is a Chrome web browser error message, it can come up on the EPIC front screen (very rare) and the HDMI monitor. Its seen more often when the browser gets confused about screen size, scrolling etc.

Thanks for the extra information about the computer (using its web browser) over Ethernet. I have never seen the ‘Oh Snap’ error happen over Ethernet since the PC is handling its own screen.