AutoTags for E1/E2

AutoTags for E1/E2 boards doesn’t work. I have flashed the configuration to the board(s). Bug or by design?

Will the groov read these regardless of the controller running/not running and does this remove some processing load from the controller/free up process time?

The E1 and E2 boards aren’t supported in groov View, sorry. :frowning:

They work, just not the auto tag feature. What is/are the benefits of direct I/O interaction on the groov vs. pulling from the control engine?

There’s actually a few different ways you could connect to an E1/E2 via groov. Looks like @nickvnlr is talking about the new in 3.5 MMP support (vs. [Modbus Device]( or a Data Store device connected via Node-RED, for example).

As far as going “direct” (Modbus is the most direct pre-3.5; MMP 3.5 or better) vs. other, that can same some $$ if you don’t need a controller in the mix, and remove layers, and be a bit zippier.

My “remove layers,” I mean you don’t have to worry about what happens when you lose comms between the controller and the I/O unit. Of course, you do have an auto-re-enable chart for all your controllers w/I/O units, yes?