Automatic print-screen of PAC display window?

Hi Everyone;

I am trying to add a feature to a PAC control/display package, and wondering if anyone out there has tried to do something similiar and/or can offer words of wisdom.

There is a desire to add an automatic screen capture of an overview screen displaying critical temperatures/pressures/etc and send it out via email. Currently an operator prints the screen at defined intervals, scans, then emails it.

What I am looking for is a way to automate or schedule a routine that would change PAC display runtime to the overview window and print the image (using a print-to-pdf application). We have an outside email system we can trigger to send the attachment, my confusion is how to force a change of the active window and then print/capture the image.

I have separately generated .csv files on demand for reporting of these values, but this customer is highly interested in a capture of the actual overview screen.


Hi Jeff
Have you heard of a program called AutoHotKey? It creates macros that contain mouse and keyboard events. Its pretty neat and using the recorder you could have something up and running pretty quickly. it could be scheduled to run periodically using the scheduler or maybe prompted by Runtime itself.

Hope this helps