Automatic I/O Config for GroovEPIC in PAC CTRL

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I am trying to scan for New Modules in PAC CTRL Basic for my Groov Epic learning center as instructed in the Opto Training, but get an error saying that the device can’t be contacted.
I can see the PAC CTRLr running and running the strategy in the learning center display just not able to connect

any thoughts?
I am running system v3.4.3-b.107 on the learning center and vR10.4c for CTRL Basic.

Have you used PAC Terminal to set the correct IP address of the EPIC?

You can find the EPIC IP address or host name from groov Manage Network → Status.

No, I configured the Control Engine in the strategy from PAC CTRL Basic.
The hostname matches the groov Manage, Network → Status page.
Ethernet is plugged into Ethernet0 and shows as Connected.

I can enter them manually, but I’m not sure this fixes my issue

I/O Modules and Channels are now populating correctly.

Playing around I tried to enter Debug mode and and received a message somewhere along the lines that the strategy open and one loaded were not the same(?). Edit: “Strategy Mismatch”
Clicking OK updated it and I was able to automatically fill in the modules. not sure exactly what happened, maybe I renamed the learning center folder or moved it, but it works now. Thank you for your input.

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