Assigning IP Address

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to connect between SNAP-PAC-R1 and my PC . I’ve already installed PAC Manager and connected between the SNAP PAC and my PC using the network cable in the Learning center Package. Also i did all instructions in the module but when to assign an IP Address, The MAC address of the Brain can’t be seen. I searched a lot and read the user guide many times but can’t find any solution. So can any one help me with that ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello ahmelsayed. Here’s hoping we can turn the :mad: into a :o

I suppose you are using the “Assign IP Address” option in PAC Manager

To quote from the [B]“1704_PAC_Manager_Users_Guide.pdf”[/B]

If no MAC address appears, check the following:

• Is the Opto 22 device turned on? [I](“Yes, this has happened”)[/I]
• Is it correctly connected to the PC using a crossover cable or correctly connected to an Ethernet hub using a straight-through cable? Is the PC on the same subnet as the device? See the PC’s user’s guide for networking information.
• Does the device already have an IP address? If you want to change the IP address, see section 4.
• Is the device booting to the loader rather than the firmware? See its user’s guide for more information.
• Does the PC have firewall software that blocks network broadcasts? If so, disable the firewall software. (For Windows XP SP2, click Unblock at the Windows Security Alert naming PAC Manager.)

You did not say if the brain is brand new or previously used. If it is brand new, it should not have an IP assigned ( You can check this by looking at the LED STAT which should be blinking orange very fast meaning that no IP address is assigned to the controller. Only in this mode will the PAC-R1 actually be sending a BootP request, which needs to be picked up by the “Assign IP Address” function.

If this is not happening, it is because someone else has previously assigned an IP, and you will have to reset the PAC-R1 to default, a procedure explained in the section 4 of the the [B]“1595_SNAP_PAC_R_series_Users_Guide.pdf”[/B]

If the PAC-R1 controller really is in this mode, and you are using a crossover cable, then the problem is that the communication is being blocked in your PC. This will either be a function of the windows firewall, third party firewalls, port blocking, administration lockdown software , anti virus software or maybe even all of them!

If all fails, contact your local Opto22 support centre or Product Support directly at Opto22. In this case its nice to have some remote administration software in your PC and an internet connection, as its pretty difficult to see what is going on in your PC by phone or email.

Waiting for your new post with a happy face. Maybe also tell us what was the real problem. Rarely is it the Opto22 hardware!

Hi Gimitchell,
Thanks for the reply, it works now … It was just a problem of fire wall and once allowed it works like a hero :slight_smile:

Aha. [B]The Firewall[/B]. Well that was a surprise. :slight_smile:

Hoping that you have configured the firewall to let PAC Control and PAC Manager through as authorized applications and not just switched it off completely!

:smiley: … NO as authorized applications …
Is there a way to export tags and its locations to an excel spreadsheet?


Glad that you got the IP address sorted (thanks gmitchell).

Yes, you can, just click on File -> View/Print -> Database.



Hi Ben,
Thanks, I’m going to call this “How To” as I’ll Ask in “How to” again :slight_smile:

How to import an already exist Database from Excel sheet to PAC Control to directly Name tags from IO List prepared before?

Also, Most of Factory Symbols’ colors can’t change based on there Discrete change, only their visibility? can those colors be changed or not by some way?



At this time there is no way to bring tags into PAC Control from Excel or a text file.

Regarding the symbol factory graphics, what I did when I was at the hospital was to overlay PAC Display discrete graphics over the top of the symbol (use the Z-Order from the right click menu). Worked out pretty good if you are careful with your graphic combinations.
But to directly answer your question, no, the symbol factory graphics can not be changed in any other other than visibility.
(Hint, export two of them, each a different color and lined up perfectly over each other, and have their visibility set opposite from each other, so when the same discrete value changes, the graphic appears to change color).



If you are really clever, (like Ben but even cleverer :rolleyes:) you can write your own OTG file, which is basically in csv format. We use a macro that does this by basically picking out the relevant cells from a pre-prepared Excel spreadsheet and writing the corresponding OTG text file. This can be imported into PAC Control and then the final bits added manually.

If you are familiar with [B]WinTask[/B] ( and can’t be bothered with programming, you can easily train it to read from your Excel sheet and copy-paste the fields into PAC Control, following the same keystrokes. Its easier than it sounds.

I do agree that this is something that Opto22, could support within PAC Control, or at least document better to make things simpler for anyone who wants to roll their own import routine. For a single PAC-R1 controller its not worth the effort, but for 30 o 40 brains working with externally provided I/O schedules, it becomes pretty important.

Thanks Bin, That is what i’m doing right now :slight_smile: using two of them with different colors lined up perfectly and when status changes, one of them disappear :slight_smile:

gmitchell, I’ll give OTG a try as i’m working on a water treatment Project with nearly 2000 I/Os ! so i just want to write tags for once in the IO List and use it many times with few modification in PAC Project.

The OTG file is just text, that’s true, but works for I/O only (not the other types of variables). Also, the import algorithm assumes you have the exact format correct (could crash/cause problems if you’re off a little). This is why rolling your own OTG is not “officially supported,” although we know lots of folks do it.


Exactly Mitch, I’ve been pushing that one for years. The problem is that the roll you own approach can get into a real mess because if one tiny little thing is not right, Pac Control will import the mistake and act like everything is ok…they really need an import utility that does a compile on the text to catch any little problems.