Ask a question about a timer

I define a timer and use this command to set the initial value to 120s. This timer acts immediately, but when “Start Timer” is not used at this time, this is different from the description in the manual. Why?

Which controller are you running on? I tested this on SoftPAC and it works according to the manual.

Hi, I found this problem on the R1 controller. The firmware version of the R1 is 8.5.

Which version of PAC Control are you using?

Up Timer has the same problem. The version is shown below.
22.08.2022_10.13.52_REC (560.8 KB)

The firmware version of the R1 is R9.5g

Those firmware and software versions are quite old.
It will take me a bit of time to dig them up and test them.
I suspect that if there is an issue, it will have been patched in the newer versions

From experience on older versions of PAC it was not necessary to set the downtimer preset value. This feature was added or patched through version updates.
We used to just start the timer and the pre defined value was already set via display or move function from control. I hope that makes sense.

In later versions you would have to move the value (set it) then start it when needed.

I don’t understand your issue though? Are you having trouble with the manual and way it is done or with how it effects your strategy?

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Hi, this issue has no effect on my strategy running, it works fine. I use the “start timer” command every time I need an action to start timing. It was I stumbled upon that the execution of this command was different from the description in the manual. There is no other reason.