Anyone using HttpGet with digest authentication?

I am trying to get an Opto controller talking with a web-enabled thermostat. I have the API documentation for an older version of the thermostat and it explains how to read/write to the unit using HTTP GET requests, but the older version uses basic authentication. So, I get the newest version of the unit and it only uses digest authentication.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had success using an Opto to initiate an HTTP session using digest authentication.

BTW, this is a Proliphix IMT550c I’m trying to communicate with.



Hi Jason,

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Looking at this doc [click here] I find on the Proliphix website, it looks like you want to use SSL data encryption?

Is your Opto controller hardware-based (like a SNAP-PAC-R or -S) or might you be using SoftPAC?

Our built-in PAC Control HTTP Get command help does have a small mention of using SSL: “Argument 3. Use 0 for a non-secure connection. Use a number other than zero to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer).” However, the rest of the details on how to use it need some fleshing out–we’re working on that now.

In terms of what you’re actually trying to do with the web interface, have you sniffed (or example, using [B]Wireshark[/B]) the communication between your web browser & the device? When programming PAC to do similar things (HTTP page scrapes, etc.), I’ve found that sometimes the docs for the device are not always helpful/accurate/available. But if you can see an actual exchange (and perhaps compare it to what your PAC is doing as you develop your strategy) that can be very helpful for converging on a working solution.


Here’s how I leveraged the debugger to see how long it look each OptoScript block to execute (when changing controllers, level of debug).