Anyone runnung PAC Project with Windows 8?

I am ordering a new computer for a new application and finding that Windows 8 is the standard installation. PAC Project has only been tested with Windows 7. Anyone have experience using Windows 8 with PAC Project Basic or Professional? Thanks.

Hello alex1234,

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Many people have used Windows 8 with no problems at all. However, there is a known issue – some folks have had trouble adding control engines, see this thread if you’re seeing that too and need the work-around. Our Engineering team is working on a fix for that now.

In the meantime, we’d be happy to hear about your experiences with Windows 8, if you’d like to share here.


Microsoft’s inability to understand that not all software needs to be cloud based, or floated across your PC to a tablet to a Windows phone to an XboxOne is a common theme throughout Win8. The correct handling of local registry keys is one of the amusing epic failures of Win8.

The way round it is to disconnect your Windows8 Microsoft cloud based account and switch the machine to use a good old PC local account. (Desktop Configuration Tool Icon > Change PC Configuration > Users > Your account) where the registry keys work properly and you can configure your PAC IP addresses using PAC Terminal and still expect to find them in the same place when you next log on.

Microsoft continue to “upgrade” Windows8 on a daily basis. Quite often, (usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays) they even manage to mess this functionality up and all Opto22 controllers appear reconfigured as in PACTerminal. If this happens, either wind back the operating system to the previous day or just wait until the next day when Microsoft suddenly realise that they have messed up again and schedule a new “upgrade”. Better still, don’t let Microsoft near your PC when its working.

Looks like all available resources in Microsoft are being employed on reimplementing the “Start” button in 8.1.:cool: