Anyone Have a Good Report Writer?

Does anyone have a good report writer we can use in conjunction with Groov or a PAC or even Node-RED? Currently the best we can do is put it into a text file which is difficult to format.



Ignition has some very powerful tools along these lines. You may have seen some of the marketing info about the admin 47 update for groov-AR1 boxes (if you have an Enterprise license).

Here’s a little more info on how groov fits in:

Here’s info on their reporting options:

The Ignition software is not cheap, but for Systems Integrators, might be a good investment since you can easily bring data to/from a variety of customers/networks (via MQTT).

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So that looks great. I have a regular AR-1. What does it cost me to get the one with Ignition Edge?

The Ignition Edge Onboard is part of the latest groov Admin update.
Check out your license level in groov Build -> Configure -> licensing. You need to be in Maintenance and have ‘Enterprise’ level license to get your free Ignition Edge License. If you have those, just email and include your groov Box serial number and you are ‘Ok to go’.
If you are out of maintenance, or not at Enterprise level, do the upgrade regardless, why? Because you can run the Edge Onboard in 2 hour trial mode and see if you like the reports it offers.

All this is in the new chapter 5 of the groov AR1 users guide doc;

FYI - like all the features in groov that you might not yet have a license for, you can try the Edge piece for 2 hours at a time, too.

I notice Ignition has some demos, too, but I’ve not yet tried those:

Ignition also by default presents you with python scripting. If you desire absolute control over what goes where and when, I suggest taking a look at utilizing python packages to achieve your goals.

They’re generally open source and there are many ways to accomplish that task. For example, using the pandas python package with Jinja templating and WeasyPrint is a super easy to implement solution.

Edit: as of today I think ignition still only supports python 2.7. It shouldn’t be a show stopper, most popular packages are backwards compatible. But keep that in mind if you decide to try that route.

FYI - if you’re using groov, and you just want a very simple report, you can do this easily in an Event. It’s just a little form to fill out.

For example, if I want to get any email telling me the values of a handful (or few dozen) tags at midnight:

I set this up very quickly via groov Build:
Configure > Events… [ Create New Event ]

The event looks like this:

Note this did require I have tag (integer) in my strategy: nSecondsSinceMidnight. The logic for that (which needs to run at least once per second) is super simple:

For some customers/applications, this might be all you need in terms of a “report.”

What kind of reporting requirements have you seen?