Anybody using OptoMMP4 method EpicReadPackedDigital with success?

It’s hard for me to believe that I am the only one using this OptoMMP4 method (with boolean arrays), but it always falsely returns an array of false (off) values for all 512 states, even though some inputs and some outputs are on (true). I couldn’t believe it, so checked everything I could think of. I just need confirmation that someone else has used this with success (OptoMMP4 version

Int32 Opto22.OptoMMP4.OptoMMP.EpicReadPackedDigital ( out Boolean[] baryStates ,
out Boolean[] baryOnLatches ,
out Boolean[] baryOffLatches ,
out Boolean[] baryChannelQualities

Is this using the Python library?

Not Python, but yes .NET

I came back to answer my own question. After communicating directly with Opto 22 support, the answer to my question is - no, no one else has used this with success, because the function does not work in OptoMMP version The next release of PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET is expected have a patch for this bug included in its changes.

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