Any way to have Opto read & parse an inbound email?

I’m in the final stage of building our gas detection system, and I have the code written to send emails and text messages (as emails to the service providers’ email-to-text services) to the operators. The design calls for the text messages to be repeated every 5 minutes until one of the users acknowledges receipt (preferably by texting a single character, such as “8” back). However, I can’t find any method for having Opto read an email, only to send them. Is this even possible?

You could do this with, but you also might want to include some kind of watchdog to make sure is still on-line, and send another alert if there’s reason to believe it’s down.

If you search this forum for IFTTT you’ll find some other posts, back from when IFTTT was just “beta” (it’s evolved some since then).

Do you have a groov Box in the mix here? That could mean more options for you…

Are you using a SoftPAC Controller? Or an S or R?

Started out with an S1, have switched to the softpac. (If it’s correct that we can do background downloading on the softpac as of the newest revision, we’ll be staying with the softpac.)

No Groov. We have two PCs running the same Pac Display, and a bunch of G72 HMI screens using Qlarity.

Looking at IFTTT on the forums, I’d need to do something like having IFTTT monitor the gmail account that we’re using to send the messages out, have it write to a local file via dropbox, and then have the controller check that file to allow the users to respond to the text / email messages that we send out in the case of an issue? That seems like a lot of points of failure.

I started testing using IFTTT to do robocalls to the operators to let them know to look at their text messages when there’s a gas event. However, it seems that there’s no way to get IFTTT to call more than one phone number or respond to emails from more than one address. The applets simply don’t run if it says to call any other number than mine. This doesn’t look to be a solution to our problem.

If you were using your S1 I would have recommended using node-red. I believe it can do everything you want. I’m pretty sure it can read and parse emails. Send emails as well.