Any updates on KB83168


We have been having problems with PAC Project 9.3002. The system was running under Windows 7 64 Bit with 4GB of RAM. We noticed that the memory usage will go up to over 3.5GB before the system hangs. We thought maybe the CPU was running out of memory partly because the background of the graphic screens the customer wanted was high resolution. We stripped down the static background and used circular buttons instead of the textured buttons to decrease the window size from over 20MB each to less than 2 MB, that did not help.

We added 4GB more of RAM to the workstation only to see the computer hang once more, PAC Display will blur out of the screen, the computer will become un-responsive and PAC Display will just crash with a message that it needs to close. We noted that the memory usage was over 7GB before it hangs. It seems like the application will eat up whatever memory is available before crashing.

Last week, we downgraded the PC from windows 7-64bit to Windows 7-32bit but the system would still hang 3-4 times a day. Then we though of “slowing down” the system. We tried increasing the refresh rates of all the super trend graphs from 1secs to 10secs and we also increased the scanner heartbeat from 1 sec to 10 secs and the system became more stable. It it still hanging once every 72 hours unlike 3-4 time a day before we increased the scanner heartbeat check.

We did all this before we came across the KB83168 - Runtime and computer can become unresponsive when Runtime cannot connect to scanner. Roughly, I think the problem is the same if not identical to what is described in the KB. Any news on whether the issue has been resolved yet? Any other suggestions on the interim?



Yes! [U][B]That’s been fixed[/B][/U] in the latest version(s). Sorry for the trouble!