Any tips on truck & trailer mounted Opto22 products?

I’m working on an automation project for equipment that will be mounted on a semi trailer. Has anyone had experience with something like this? Is there any special considerations I should be aware of when using Opto racks & controllers on a mobile unit? We’ll have a control panel with a panel heater (this unit will be used in northern US all year round). We’re planning to mount to the panel with rubber mounts to reduce vibration. Any other suggestions out there?

All I would suggest (from other experience) is that rubber mounts you use are ‘tuned’ to the vibration and load. Too stiff and you won’t get any protection, too soft and the unit might bounce around and hit the stops/limits. Make sure there is enough slack in the cables to allow them to absorb some of the vibration between the fixed panels and the module.

We mount these in the WM4 with large velcro pads on transit buses. Never had a problem.

We have a few customers doing this. The main thing they comment on is to use a good quality DC-DC converter.
If its 12v or 24v, matters not. Just use something that is going to do its best to hold up the 5v during motor starts and so on.

On the topic of “Opto To Go,” if you haven’t already checked out this case study about some traveling, truck-mounted gas processing, check out the [U][B]videos and written case study here[/B][/U].