Any Third Party Alarm Software recommendations?

There are multiple alarm software options out there, ScadaPhone by ScadaTec is one example I’m looking at. Has anybody had experience with Opto 22 (EPIC) and this software or any other to recommend? I would suspect they all need Modbus or OPC to communicate and don’t have direct drivers like the Cirrus driver for Ignition.

Normally I use Ignition and their built-in alarm system, which is perfect, but the customer doesn’t have the budget for it.


What I do is kinda out of the box. I program my epic using Codesys. I wrote a alarm function block that handles all the alarm logic. I then create a new instance of the function block for each alarm that I want.

I use NodeRed to push the OPC-UA alarm states to an influxDB database. From there I display those states on a state timeline using Grafana.

I have a UDT written in ignition for the alarm faceplates and everything else but there is no reason you cant use the built in groov view HMI.

Oh and everything is free with this solution


I ran Scada Tech at the Paradise WWTP at Mount Rainier with Epic and it does work ok. I used OPC if I remember correctly. The guy who runs things at Scada Tech is pretty helpful.

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