Any plans for I2C support?

Wondering if there are any plans for adding software I2C support to any existing epic modules, or any plans for a hardware I2C module?

Or, maybe the shortest path to I2C would be an arduino or raspi module? Adding externally isn’t that bad, but an Opto22 module would be a tight integration.

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Thanks for your suggestion, we will submit it to engineering.

I second this recommendation. Specifically, I use allot of Atlas-Scientific stuff, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, ORP, Flow, Temp, CO2, Color, etc. Even their dosing pumps connect via I2C. I use their EZO circuits and isolated carriers w/ I2C support. Good stuff. Once you master communicating with one of their sensors via I2C it’s similar for everything else.

I’m working on a RaspberryPi 4 w/ Rasbian Buster and Node-Red. Trying to implement an I2C flow for these instruments. It’s not just the data logging… it’s also the calibration that you must accomodate.

Anyway, I like the idea of bringing this stuff in to a Process Automation Controller like the Epic.


Peter, thanks for that, really good feedback. Will be sure to pass it on to the engineers.

I’ve been toying with getting one of these I2C to USB adapters. Maybe the quickest way to this is via USB and a hub for multi-components? Anyone here have experience with these adapters?

EPIC (as you probably know) supports USB to serial adapters. I would like to see someone try an I2C adapter and report back. In my mind it would depend on how the device driver loads up, if it emulates a serial device or not.
We have toyed around with Ethernet I2C converters, but found their API to be very clunky.