Any idea to implement Radio Button in Groov

Groov view has check box, but do not have radio button.
Is there a way to implement a radio buttons functionality?

Let me ask our graphics guy…

(Its been a frequently requested feature, I will double check its on the developers radar/to-do list).

Some sort of single-selection gadget’s on the wishlist, yeah. Most folks ask for a drop-down menu though.

Yeah, the graphics guy can make an image, but the logic behind deselecting the other options is not something we can easily do (you would need a pac control chart perhaps).

As Jonathan said, most folks want a drop down menu to save screen space.

Thank you.
I just want to have a confirmation, that check box and PAC logic cannot solve this issue…?

And one more thing, it is really annoying that text from different gadget in groov view won’t align.

In hindsight, I wish we’d separated most labels from the gadgets themselves. A checkbox would be just the checkbox, and you stick a separate label wherever you like. That’d introduce different issues though: you wouldn’t be able to click on a checkbox’s label to trigger the checkbox.

I just want a smaller grid pattern…