Any groov users using a Surface device?

If not, what are you using? Any favorites?
Just curious. Do share!

Hi Mary,
I used a Surface One. As a Groov client, and it also ran PacPro well. It was nice walking around with Pac Display on a handheld device.

We’ve experimented with running PAC Project on a Dell Windows 8 tablet. We definitely prefer the auto-scaling functionality of the groov interface vs. having to reconfigure a PAC Display project to fit multiple operator interfaces.

My customers use Groov on the Samsung Note 3&4 and love it. Groovs HTML 5 & scaling is great on the Note 3&4’s large screen. Sometimes they need they broader pallet of graphics which is where the Surface shines with Pac Display.

I use a Dell Venue 8 Pro for debugging using PAC control and general control using groov while walking around our facility. The controls get a little funky sometimes in IE 10 using touch. Sliders and such are nearly impossible to use reliably.