Another HTTP Web page scrape: of a Campbell Scientific CR1000 Datalogger

Hi All,

Recently helped a customer who needed a screen scrape of their little CR1000 datalogger (by Campbell Scientific). I found a ton of them out on the Internet logging all sorts of data (lots of Weather stations), so I thought I’d share this example in case it might be of use to anyone else.

I used the PAC Control HttpGet command for this one, wrote the data to a local file, then parsed that file (converting values to floats and ints for use in groov, for example).

Here’s an example of the type of record I scrapped off the device:

Here’s a screen grab of the attached chart with red boxes around the parts of interest:

Happy scraping!


(Just import this chart into your strategy that’s 9.3 PAC Control Basic or better.) (4.9 KB)