Annke PoE IP Cam - View in GroovView


I have a few Annke 4k C800 PoE IP cams that I am trying to have displayed on a Groov View page.
I’ve tried a lot of different URL’s and have come up short.
I can get the snapshot in my browser (testing with Chrome currently) but when I put the same link into the video widget, I get the Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 4.23.41 PM error on the widget.

Here are my current settings that I’ve set according to Google:

Does anyone know a working URL for this, or maybe my Main / sub-stream settings are incorrect?

I wrote a blog about the groov camera gadget…

Perhaps you can test a few different images and feeds to narrow down the issue.
We have tested a lot different cameras, but not the Annke, its hard to buy every camera out there.
Seems like you are on the right track, once I get a static image in a browser, its not too much more work to get it to show up in groov View.

I believe the issue is that I’m retrieving the main stream from the link, because the resolution of the .jpeg is 3840 x 2160.
The link that works in the browsers for the main stream is:

Annke is Hikvision firmware if that may help find a solution

Right now groov View’s camera gadget doesn’t actually support streaming video, we download individual frames from the camera. Does your camera have an endpoint that gives you a single static jpeg, not a motion jpeg?

I’ve been able to successfully get a static jpeg from the url in my previous post on some forums I found through google, and it updates when I refresh the browser also.

The issue is that when I use that link in the groov gadget, I get the icon in OP.

Are you able to set any of the substreams for a lower resolution and have that show up as a static image in a browser?
Do you need the 3840x2160 res? That seems crazy high.

That link retrieves the mainstream whether I put /channels/1 or /channels/2. My sub stream resolution is set to 640x480 which is the highest it allows, I believe there is one more lower option.

For anyone who may have this issue with a Hikvision/Annke IP cam in the future, here is the link that works in the groov View Video gadget:

http://user:pass@(ip cam address)/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/2/picture?videoResolutionWidth=3840&videoResolutionHeight=2160


Still very high resolution, but glad you got something working and thanks very much for reporting back what got it going in the end. Really helpful for others using that camera.

I can still only get the main stream snapshot, and I tried to reduce the camera’s main stream resolution to 1920x1080. But for some reason that I’m not inclined to troubleshoot currently, it resets itself back to 4k resolution.
works for now :smile:

I recently stumbled across a working motion JPEG feed for a client’s old Vivotek cameras and it serves up well in Groov View. Has something been changed/updated to allow for this? @Jonathan_Fischer, feel free to DM me and I can show you the live example, I’m a little surprised and want to know more!