Android app - Lollipop problem

My phone recently went through an upgrade to the latest Android platform (Lollipop) and the Groov app is having issues. Lollipop seems to handle devices running in the background differently. When I open Groov (after already being in it previously), it will instantly timeout. If I click my connection multiple times after multiple time outs, I may get in eventually (sometimes I just give up and go to my computer). I tried making the time-out period really long, but it doesn’t seem to matter. The app just seems confused as to the state of its connection. The app worked great until Lollipop. Known issue? Suggestions? Thanks!

Also, the connection sometimes changes color to green. Nothing happens when you click on it at that point. I have to kill the app. In the previous Android version, it would always skip this screen and go straight to my screen. Now it seems to skip the default concept.

Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled. It initially had the same problems. However, once I got a connection it started to work normally. I will check in if the problem comes back, but for now…crossing fingers…

Hello Bogaat,

Our QA team is looking at Lollipop 5.x.x now, and there are a lot of changes and several issues using groov View for Android with it. The engineering team is working on solutions, but in the meantime, it’s an “install & use at your own risk” situation.
However, any/all details or observations you’d like to share I’d be happy to pass along to them (might help speed up the process).


Thanks for the update, Mary. I am hoping for a fix soon. It is a bit flaky to say the least. Verizon forced the update. Also, they new phones I am looking at for an upgrade next month all come with Lollipop. Fun times…

Off topic, but I am on Verizon and am due for an upgrade, but am unsure what to get.
The S6 is meh (battery, camera and touch wiz).
The Nexus 6 sounds nice, but I am worried about the size, camera and battery life.
The Note 5 is a rumor, but people love the Note 4 (and frankly, I hardly use my G4 as a phone, it’s a computer, so could really use the extra screen size (and battery life and CPU power).
The M9 sounds meh with the CPU heat and battery.

The Droid Turbo is about the only one that might fit the bill?

So what are you looking at upgrading to next month?

I have an M8 and love it. However. I am not sure if I am going M9 or Turbo just yet…

Ended up buying a Note 4. (Love it, but still getting used to carrying a small billiards table with me).
It came with Lollypop… Yeah, Google changed a lot of things!

Have been working with the developer a fair bit to get groov View sorted, so just hang in there, we should have an update very soon.

groov View for Android has been updated on the Google Play Store.

It adds Lollypop support and a check for a valid SSL certificate. If its a self signed cert, or can not be checked against a CA, then a warning will pop up letting you know as such.

Thanks Ben. Great news! It doesn’t look to be in the store just yet, but I am watching…