Android aPAC availability

I used to have an iPhone with iPac installed. It is very useful. But now I have an android and I cannot get the aPac version of the app. How can I get this installed on my device?

It is no longer available. I wish it was it is handy.

@diobando1 is there a specific functionality in APAC that you are looking for that’s not possible with groov View?

Hi Dan, from my perspective when you are commissioning a new system apac allows you to see all tags without having to build groov view pages for SNAP PAC systems.

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As @nfreeman said. It allows to access tags, variables and I/O directly without the need to create groov pages. I used it as a troubleshooting tool when I had an iPhone

It sounds like you have a SNAP PAC controller, so PAC Manager might help. But if you have an EPIC (since you reference groov View), then of course PAC Manager is not an option.

Hi Arun,
This was about the old apac application that people miss. It ran on mobile devices, which PAC Manager does not. It also organized Tags in a great way for testing and commissioning systems.
I suspect the reason it was discontinued, but in a secure installation it was handy.


Are we sure it was discontinued? It is still available in the play store, it just not compatible with newer versions of android. I wonder if it will ever be made compatible with the latest Android

I do not think there are any plans to bring it back.