An ODC-HDB problem?

The red circle in the picture shows the normal turn on channel, but the rest of the channel lights should not be turned on.:worried:

There is a strange phenomenon of ODC-HDB, which occurs from time to time. In the factory installation test is normal, but installation to the scene, the beginning of wiring often occurs this phenomenon.

Sometimes, when a channel turns on, the control relay operates normally, and the indicator lights of other channels on HDB also turn on, but the brightness is slightly dim, and the corresponding relay does not act. When I unplugged the action relay from the seat, the other channel lights went out.

Excuse me, what’s the reason? How can I solve this problem? I think the power supply of DC24 is disturbed. I wonder if my idea is correct. Does not the solution damage HDB or ODC 32?

This picture shows that when I turn on channel 32, the other channel lights are also on, but group A and B are normal. Aren’t groups A, B, C and D using the same DC24V power supply?