Alternating between two digital output points?

Hello! I need help trying to alternate between two different digital output points. I cannot find a command that will really allow me to do that. I have two pumps that I need to use for the same amount of time but they also want to me alternate between the two of them so they are used for the same amount of time. Any help would greatly be appreciated. At first I though I could use a Totalizer command but it wouldn’t let me with a digital output.

Sounds like lead/lag code…

You will have to do it in code. There is no automatic command.
I’m super slammed at the moment, but if I get a moment, we will try and at least sketch out a chart that might be a starting point… Like all code, there will be lots of ways to do it, none more right or wrong than the other.

Here is another post that discusses this:

Only question to consider is: Why do you want both your pumps to wear out at the same time?