Alerts or alarms?

Any plans for alerts or alarms? I am setting up Groov to monitor a greenhouse environment and it would be cool if the gadget could flash or better indicate a problem scenario (like high/low temps). Another option would be a gadget that became visible only under certain conditions. I could have a bold faced large font text gadget at the top of the screen in that case. Options? Thanks in advance

Alerts/alarms are also in the “not yet, stay tuned…” category.

In the meantime, you can do quite a bit using logic in your strategy. For example, I have a chart that will check for (on-the-fly changeable) high/low values for (also changeable) tags. The chart will email/text a (changeable) set of addresses when you’ve gone over/under those high/low values. It’ll also log those transitions to a file. Would that help?

You could also do something simple like change the value of a string (to empty, then not) in your strategy to flash a message like this:


(One of our software developers happens to be a HUGE fan of the movie, “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” forgive me.)


FYI, the chart I mention in the previous post is now available here. I’d love to hear your feedback!